Terms of service

As a private individual, you have a 14-day right of withdrawal/exchange when shopping online. This means that you can send back unused, undamaged goods with intact packaging/sealing/technical seals within 14 days of receiving your package.

Companies should examine the goods in connection with receipt and report any errors within a reasonable time. Faults that occur thereafter can be complained about within the warranty period. Otherwise, we refer to the respective manufacturer or service point.

Private person, who uses his right of withdrawal, pays the shipping cost for the returned item himself. If the item is faulty, we will refund the return shipping and what you paid for the damaged or incorrectly delivered item, provided that we cannot send you a new item within a reasonable time.


  • This instruction applies to all types of return requests. The return shipping note is valid for 5 days and the return must be received by us within these days.
  • We will contact you by email as soon as your request has been received and checked.
  • When returning, all products MUST be returned in original packaging complete with all accessories.

    Remember to always send the product in the outer packaging so as not to damage the original packaging.

    Pack the goods well to avoid damage.

    Enclose a copy of the return confirmation in the return and send it to us.

  • Unclaimed packages that are returned without valid notification from the customer: Shipping costs will be charged to the customer.


Undone purchase

Have you regretted your purchase?

You can of course cancel the order even after we have started processing it, but then you need to be aware that a return fee will be charged.

Once we have received your return, we check the condition of the product. We reserve the right to make a price reduction if the product's value is reduced. 

Refund and right of withdrawal

We will return your money as quickly as possible and no later than 14 days after the item has reached our warehouse.

If we have not received the item, we reserve the right to withhold the refund until we receive the item or documentation that the item has been returned.

Note: If the value of the item has decreased, we reserve the right not to refund the full purchase price. The decrease in value is valued, among other things based on the following conditions (non-exhaustive list):

  • The product can no longer be sold as new, e.g. if you have removed the original packaging.
  • You have put the item into use.
  • The item has been damaged while you were responsible for it. Please note that it is your responsibility to document the condition of the item, e.g. with photo proof next to when we receive it.
  • You have handled the product in a different way than is compatible with the product's nature, properties and mode of operation.
  • You have not followed the restrictions on the right of return resulting from sealing, the type of product, etc.
  • Return shipping slip can be sent at the request of the customer.

The terms of this agreement can be changed with regard to the current Covid 19 pandemic, etc.