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Smart feeder with app for iOS and Android.

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<tc>Holds a full 4.5L of dry food</tc>

A sensor informs you with a notification on when the container is running low, so you know when it needs to be cleaned and refilled.

<tc>Controlled via app</tc>

With the Smartlife app, you can easily program your feeder to dispense food at any time!

Schedule portions

The stored feeding schedule is saved in the feeder, so even without a Wi-Fi connection your pets get their food at set times.

Control and schedule food from your mobile phone.

Pet Care Co.'s dry food dispenser will change the way you feed your pet. Plan meals on devices anywhere with an internet connection, and use our app to distribute dry food remotely at any time!

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I have 2 cats who need to be fed multiple times a day, one is slightly overweight so I  need to control how much he eats. The feeder ensures my cats get the right amount of food at the right time, and I don't have to worry about measuring portions. 

<tc>Martin A</tc>

This is a great product! You avoid the smell of cat food in the kitchen and the container ensures that the food stays fresh. It is also easy to keep clean (I can put the bowls in the dishwasher) and the batteries last a long time. Can really recommend it! :)


Questions and answers

What is a feeder?

A feeder dispenses food to your pets, best suited for cats and dogs. The pet feeder can dispense food once a day or several times throughout the day. Our automatic feeder portions out dry food seamlessly based on a schedule. Automatic feeders are used for cats or dogs that cannot handle having free access to food and helps pet owners who need to provide portion control for their pets. 

<tc>Which feeder is best?</tc>

When you invest in an automatic feeder, it is important that the machine lasts and does what it is supposed to. We believe that a good quality product should be able to serve several meals per day for at least 5 years before needing repair or replacement - in other words, it is durable! The price should not be too high either; we have tested many different machines on the market and offer only the best in both performance and durability - so our customers get exactly what they need without breaking their budget.

How does a feeder work?

Our feeder is both app-controlled and uses a saved schedule. You decide when your pet should be fed and the size of the portions, to ensure worry-free feeding. 

<tc>Smart Feeder</tc>

A reliable feeder that serves food at set times. A free app for your phone lets you decide when the food should be dispensed, and how much food should be served.